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Lovely Planet Remix

Choose your own First Person Shooter. Link

Lovely Planet 2: April Skies

Sequel to the cutest shooter of 2014. Link

Super Lovely Planet

A super difficult 3D precision platformer set in the Lovely Planet universe. Link

Rainbow Driver

A car-shmup. Link

Lovely Planet Arcade

A puzzle FPS. Link

Lovely Planet

A cute first person shooter. Link


VYDE is a minimal stealth action game. Blend into your surroundings and evade patrolling enemies.


A shuffling game with an egyptian theme, earthen jars hold shiny bronze, silver or golden scarabs which the players are required to follow as they’re shuffled.
Download now from the AppStore! Link


2D car physics simulator turned 3D shader programming testbed. From Runge-Kutta to SSAO, this game has seen it all.


A time manipulation game combined with a cloning mechanic. Create time paradox, solve puzzle. Original OpenGL version rewritten in Allegro 4. Download for windows


Side scrolling shooter game. Procedural animation, custom rigid body dynamics with a level editor.


Smaller games done over game jams.