I’m working on a 3D precision platformer. It’s called Super Lovely Planet.

Webpage is live at quicktequila.com/superlovelyplanet

Right now there’s only a couple of screenshots so we can see what the game looks like. It’s quite early in development, but I’m confident the visual style won’t change too much.

There’s no video just yet. In an older post I wrote about my thoughts on how trailers for this game won’t work as well as they did for Lovely Planet. My plan is to release more gameplay this time around. Short videos on YouTube should follow soon after I do a couple of gifs. Can’t make videos if there’s no sound in the game, did I say it’s early in development? Here’s what the game looks like in motion.

So there you go, Super Lovely Planet! A throwback to the original logo, now with drop shadows and a font that’s actually legible. You can download the presskit from the website, if you want to ogle at the screenshots in full HD.

Super Lovely Planet

Follow the development and find out more at quicktequila.com/superlovelyplanet