VYDE got two enormous updates a while back so I thought I’d put them here.

It wouldn’t have been wise to release the game in its original form with black bands on either side of the screen on newer devices. The transition from letterbox to a wider screen required a few minor tweaks since the game wasn’t designed to run on a different aspect ratio. The play area still maintains its original dimensions while desaturated gray tiles fill either side of the screen. The main menu doesn’t use this kind of a dirty fix though, I prepared new assets so we could enjoy the sweet parallax scrolling goodness on the wide screen. It definitely looks better and thanks to Cocos2D, I didn’t have to fiddle around with positioning the menu items for too long. A couple of images of the game running on a 4 inch Retina display.

The old hand-written style font didn’t quite fit the ‘espionage’ and ‘conspiracy’ setting we wanted for this game. We picked a less extravagant font and revamped all the menus including the ones in-game. To top that up, I also added animations to individual menu items which now show up in order after a smooth delay.

I can’t give a release date just yet, but trust me, this game exists.