It’s a classic shuffling game with an egyptian theme, earthen jars hold shiny bronze, silver or golden scarabs which the players are required to follow as they’re shuffled. Game modes are divided into two categories namely Normal and Challenge, in Normal mode the number of scarabs and jars increase steadily as the players progress whereas the challenge modes have the player stick to a set number of jars and play on till the shuffles become too fast. A set of leaderboards keep track of your progress across all game modes, players can consult them to get an idea of where they stand against others from around the world.

It’s extremely simple I know, but it was a game we couldn’t have done without. We had to explore the new platform and get our bearings right with Cocos2D and the plethora of features it provides. Taking on a mammoth project right at the beginning would’ve been a huge mistake. Cocos2D was a breeze to learn and get used to, it’s a lot more sophisticated than the game programming libraries I’ve worked with earlier which were mostly low level graphics APIs. Having some knowledge of OpenGL and shader programming finally paid off, not particularly with this game but in understanding what goes on underneath and how the library handles and renders everything.

After a long wait, a couple of premature celebrations and being stuck in review two times over, the game is finally out and available on the App Store right now. Download it on your iPhone or iPod Touch, it’s free of cost and comes with no ads whatsoever. Leave some feedback here or on the app’s page, any feedback at all, feedback is always good.

It’s free.